Your Questions About Internet Marketing Skills

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Your Questions About Internet Marketing Skills

Internet Marketing Skills

Joseph asks…

Anyone here think they can teach a certain Internet marketing skill?

Anyone here think they can teach a certain Internet marketing skill

Question Details: I am looking for individials who can teach any type of computer or marketing. PHP, servers, MySql, SEO, traffic strategies, internet marketing. HTML.

PM me let me know



Craig answers:


Check that out, it’s a FREE email course aimed to teach people how to make money online. It’s all about affiliate marketing and it will show you all the best ways to promote and sell products for profit. I joined ages ago and I’m so glad I did, I have learnt so much and made so much :)

Affiliate marketing is one of the easiest and most commonly used ways to make money online, so you might want to check it out. To join, simply enter your first name and email address in the boxes and hit the submit button!


Daniel asks…

Recommend Randy Ingermanson’s Fiction 101+201 to learn to write excellent fiction? Other suggestions?

I’ve a few books on fiction writing here-however Ingermanon’s course looks good. However, I’m familiar with much Internet marketing and wanted some other views if possible.

I’ve a particular space series I want to create, as much for my own enjoyment of writing it more than actually earning from it in the future.

So after all that, who would you rely on as teachers? The story I wish to weave is a mixture of high technology and magic, with time travel :-). I’m sure plenty similar have been done before-however I’d really like to do a 5 star job on it.

So, bearing in mind I’ve spent some time finding a few writers forums, I’m simply after wider views-testimonies-suggestions and things I wouldn’t have thought of in order to learn excellent writing as quickly as is sensible.

So folks, what do you think?

Craig answers:

Frankly, I’m no fan of how-to-write books or courses. It’s truly a learn-by-doing activity, assuming basic literacy skills (which you seem to have).

You sit down and write. You figure out what’s awful about it and fix it. New awfulnesses emerge, and you fix them. This cycle repeats a lot of times.

When it’s as good as you know how to make it, you find a reliable critic who reads in your genre (ideally, one who writes in your genre) and get their feedback, which will be most painful when it’s right. So you rewrite, and get fresh feedback from someone else, and finally, you try to get an agent or start submitting to small presses without one.

I’m quite fond of for critique purposes. Solid advice critiquing the work, not the writer, by people who know what they’re talking about.

Steven asks…

Necessary skills to learn when getting into the internet marketing business?

I’ve been thinking of doing some type of businesses based on the internet, such a hosting service, but I’m not sure what skills I need.

Does it help or is it a must to learn at least a moderate level of C++, html, etc? It seems it would be, but I’d like the opinion of experienced people here so that I can be more prepared. I’m a complete at this.

And thanks in advance.

Craig answers:

First pay no attention to the first 2 answers because those are obviously people who are just trying to spam Yahoo answers to make them self money.

Hopefully I can answer your questions since I’ve been in this field for a while.

Internet marketing isn’t as easy as people or late night tv commercials make it out to be. If it was, then everyone would be doing it and be rich right?

So lets get to the basic skills you need. Depending on what you want to do is what will dictate what skill set you want to have. Of course the more skills you have the better.

Programming languages such as C++, C# or .net are only needed if you are intending to build programs to sale on the internet or build giant social networking sites. Not really internet marketing. If you want to get into hosting or security then a solid UNIX/Linux and C++ background is what you need.

If you want to get into building mobile apps for phones then Java will be your best bet because most every system can run Java and its pretty easy to learn. Android is growing fast and Objective C is good only for iPhones.

Now for internet marketing specifically. If you are going to build a site from scratch or use a template then you need to have a working knowledge of HTML, XHTML, and CSS. If you are planning on using blogging software like WordPress or Blogger, then HTML, CSS and PHP are what you will need to know. Being a pro at it isn’t necessary but having a solid understanding and being able to read and understand the code is a great help when trouble shooting sites. And trust me, you will trouble shoot often.

Additional skills to be familiar with is photo editing software like Photoshop or Being able to take, create and alter your own images will help a lot with saving time and money when you can do everything yourself.

The last skill/tool that you will need is being able to write. Write unique, original and appealing content and write often to be able to gain a readership or being able to sale your product.

Hopefully this is gives you a good idea as to how to get started. There is a tone of information on the net so always keep reading and learning. Soon you will be able to filter out what is real and what is useless.

David asks…

I want to start an Internet Home Business?

Where is a good site that can help me. I’m familiar with some internet marketing but I really need a Internet Home Business Strategy. Where can I go. I think creating a strategy first is what I need to do to run a success home based business.

Craig answers:

The most relevant thing you need to know, is what NOT to do.

The main obstacle in your way is not lack of information, on the contrary.


To over come it you should take a week or too to define what NICHE of internet marketing

you want your Internet Home Business to be in !

You can create and sell information products

you can be an affiliate marketer

you can practice in domain trading

you can learn seo and do it

and many many more …

(you can do a google search on each of the topics, or look after them

in wikipedia for no b.s strait unswears.

What ever you do, do it with caution, and (try) not be lead by HYPES.

So before you create a strategy, you should FIND YOUR NICHE in internet marketing.

And it depends on your interests and skills,

which there is one person that knows about them the best :


Hope i helped.

Sharon asks…

How can I successfully market my network marketing home business?

I am a single mother of 1 and tired of working in corporate america. I want to learn how to market my Tahitian Noni network marketing business without targeting my friends and family. I want to come up with a great marketing idea that will not only help my business but others as well. Any suggestions?

Craig answers:

Study simple internet marketing skills and use those techniques to generate your own leads for your business.

Hassling friends and family is not an effective way to build your business. These old tactics are responsible for the majority of failure in the industry.

Participating in forums that relate to your business helps to generate business leads. You can meet new people by providing information of value without spamming and put info about yourself in your profile page.

Submitting articles that are not salesy on the net are also great. The better the value of content, the more people will seek more info from you.

I built a website that is independent from the company I represent. This is also a great way to meet new people if you build the site right. One that is easily found on the major search engines.

Best Regards!

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